How to find out how fresh your produce is

Farm fresh produce is a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, but how can you be sure that the produce is actually farm fresh? Here are some tips for verifying the authenticity and freshness of farm fresh produce:

– Look for signage or stickers that indicate where the produce was sourced. If there isn’t any, the farm fresh produce might not be farm fresh.

– Smell or touch a piece of fruit to make sure it isn’t overripe, discolored, moist, moldy or smelly. If there is any type of inconsistency with appearance and smell, pass on that fruit.

– Be wary if farm fresh veggies are sold at a discounted price or if farm fresh produce is sold in bulk.

– Ask the store or stand where their farm fresh veggies and fruits are sourced from to ensure that they’re farm fresh.

Avoid farm fresh or organic produce that’s being sold at a discounted price or in bulk. Make sure to ask where your farm fresh veggies and fruits are sourced from, just be wary of the answers you get! If farm fresh produce is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t farm fresh.

Farm Fresh only means that the produce was plucked freshly from a farm, but does not cover what treatment has been done to them to ensure they still look fresh when you’re purchasing them. Perfect looking produce is often a sign of fishy activity and horomone fed produce. Be sure to ask where the produce is from and if it has been sprayed with chemicals. 

– Chemicals often used to make bad produce look good: 


Butylated hydroxyanisole

Butylated hydroxytoluene 


Propylene glycol monostearate.

Farm fresh produce is a great, only when it’s organic!

The Farmers' Store

The Farmers' Store

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